Always coming back 'cause you wanna fuck


Rest in peace…. one of the LORDS is gone. Go hit the nearest bowl for him today!! Truly a legend…

How you broke my heart

June 24th
“Miss you, can’t wait to cuddle later”

June 25th
“I think eventually sleeping alone whenever we actually do is going to be hell lonely”

June 26th
“Hey babe, I found your ID. Still looking for the ring bub, don’t fret I’ll find it I promise xx”

June 28th
“Hunny I’m lonely in bed and I can’t fucking sleep”
“I hope that didn’t wake you xx”

June 30th
“Missing you heaps. You’re so close but I just can’t feel your warmth and stuff and I miss you”

July 2nd
“I really, really care about you, I think of you when I wake up, throughout the day and when I fall asleep. I’ve been happier with you then I’ve been in a long time”

"I fucking miss you and I’m on the verge of tears"

"I actually feel like I’ve lost something precious"

"I actually need you right now"

July 4th
“Hun, you gotta talk to me later. I’m really worried about you.. Xx big kisses and hugs”

July 6th
“Aww it’s fine hunny, really I just wanted to show you I really do care. Miss you xxxxxxxx”

July 14th
“I’ve just been under a lot of pressure. Don’t have the time at all. I’m really sorry. Just give me a few minutes, I’ll call you soon. Okay? xx”

July 15th
“You’re a lovely girl but obviously this wouldn’t ever work”

July 16th
“Hunny are you up? xx”

July 19th
“Don’t think about the fact that we’ll be literally in the same house with constant access to each other and anything sexual okay?”

July 20th
“Call me hun x”

July 21st

July 22nd

July 23rd
“Can catch up and chat properly tomorrow. Can’t chat now, but I’ll text you later”

"I’ve spent time with her"

July 25th
“I can’t hold onto something that doesn’t burn as bright as the sun”

July 28th
“Come coffee club, let’s hangout I’m bored”

July 31st
“We need to chat. But later, free in 2 hours?”

August 5th
“Please try get along with her, she’s going to be around a lot”

August 7th
“You’re a lot happier today, you’re smiling a real smile. I’m proud of you”